Beer & Pretzels Early-Mid 20th Century Rules

If you are looking for a free, squad level beer and pretzels WWI or WWII game; you have come to the right place. We were just looking to have some fun with the random figures that we had and couldn’t find anything that suited us. There are plenty to great games out the if you want a serious game but we were looking for something on one sheet of paper. We didn’t want 1-on-1 roleplaying combat and we also didn’t want a platoon worth figures.

These rules are not ready to share yet. Did playtest them some and they played fast and we had a lot of fun. A bit more documentation is needed before someone can pick them up and figure out how to play. As soon as we get to that spot, we will share them here. Our attention was diverted unfortunately to completing the Fictioneers: Legacy core rules and now we are working on scenarios of that and the Star Armor Supplement. Once those are well underway, we will return to this to finish it up. Photos below are from our early game sessions and photo ops to show off the figures that are available or that will be released soon.

Works in Progress:
WWI figures in the works can be seen here
WWII figure in the works can be seen here

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