Fictioneers: Legacy

The page about the Fictioneer minis can be found here.
This is the page for the game, Fictioneers: Legacy.

One thing that has always bothered me is that there was no ruleset specifically written for the Fictioneers miniatures. Sure, they can be added into any mini agonistic rules system or any that allow for proxy models to be used. But questions were unanswered: Who are the Xybans? Where did the Eeeks come from? What is the planet Sitan like? Well, we rectified that with a new ruleset just for them (Fictioneers: Legacy) written in 2021. Playtesting and revisions took us well into 2022 but it is now available as a free PDF (links below) and print versions on the webstore here. Beside supplying a fun game session to play, each scenario will also introduce one optional rule. These optional rules can be added to any other Fictioneers: Legacy game session/scenario with the agreement of the players.

If you wondered where the font or sub-title inspiration for Fictioneers: Legacy comes from, you only need to look at an old ’80 era minis pack for the Fictioneers figures to find the answer. I did choose to update the original “si-fi” to the more currently common sci-fi. I’m not sure if that was a typo on the original or if Stan thought that would become the standard way of spelling it. I hope any old-school purists can forgive me for making the change. One thing that I messed up on the first printing is that I am so used to seeing the logo on the mini packs that I missed that I planned to change it on the rule book to say “Fictioneers: Legacy”. It is already on the layout ready for the second printing. Maybe this will make the first print copies more valuable in the future. The first printing is limited to 25 copies which are all numbered and initialed. If you get a copy, hang on to it and keep it nice.

The design philosophy for F:L was to keep it extremely rules-light to make sure it was fun & fast game, but also make sure there was enough meat on the bone to make it a game that players would take seriously. To accomplish this we did two major things. First, we kept fluff to an minimum and option rules were moved to the scenarios in order to help keep the focus on just the core rules. Second, and this may cause an issue with people that have never played a tabletop wargame before, we did not provide a lot of hand-holding for brand new players. We expect that most of you understand how to roll dice and consult a chart to determine a result, how to use a measuring tape to move minis across the board or determine fire distances, and the general concepts of “cover” providing a hiding bonus to those in them. Those concepts were purposely left out of the rules to avoid clutter. For any of you struggling to understand anything that we did not fully explain in the rules, feel free to ask us here. We will gladly cover any details with you to make sure you have an enjoyable gaming experience.

Although the rules are light, there is plenty of depth to discover there. Words such as ‘may’ or ‘must’ have been used to definitively explain what to do or not do with a minimum of words. If the rules say that you may do something, that means (without stating it) that you may also choose not to do it. Sometime the rules ‘say’ more by what is not written that what is. Don’t look at is as taking advantage of loopholes but rather discovering an Easter egg. Some items/tactics are purposely left up to the player to discover.

We plan to eventually offer starter boxed sets with two factions and a print copy of the rules (possibly a terrain piece, dice, etc.) for low introductory price. We are still kicking around what all to include in the box. One thing for sure will be a custom scenario for the factions included. The planned sets currently are: Death Raiders vs Xyban, Sitan Apes vs Eeeks, Sitan Humanoids vs Sitan Giants, and Planetary Legion vs Bugs. The bugs were never released. These will be a combination of released/unreleased Stan Johansen pieces and RRB Minis original work in order to make up a complete faction. Things might change along the way but those are the goals at the moment.

For those with a copy of the first printing of the rule book, the current updated Errata page for it can be found here. It will continue to be updated as additional items are found so double check the date listed below the title on your printed version vs this one.

F:L Core rules are here (Note: This is the WIP of the 2nd printing and it is not yet formatted for 8.5×11 page print out. All currently known Errata has already been corrected here.)

F:L Quick Reference Sheet (QRS) is here

F:L Scenarios 1-8 are Scenarios 1-8 (combined as single pdf)

Scenario Names:
#1 Match Play (Excellent to Learning or Teaching New Players)
#2 Attack on Pridevale Hold
#3 The Zaobos Campaign
#4 Science Grab
#5 King of the Hill
#6 Interstellar Safari
#7 Drop Troops
#8 The Battle for the Isthmus of Mataisle

Scenario 6: Interstellar Safari, Supplemental Information

As additional content (scenarios/lore/paint guides/tips/Star Armor Factions/etc.) comes available, we will continue to provide links to it here so check back.

Commenting will be turned on for this page for people wanting to post questions or comments. If you would rather avoid posting in an open forum, you may always use our contact form here.

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