Star Armor

These are sci-fi figures that were sculpted by Stan Johansen in the ’70s. They come in three scales: 1/300 or 6 mm, 15 mm, and 1/72 or true 25 mm (A 6′ individual is represented by a mini that is 25mm from foot to top of the head).

These figures are no longer available from Stan but in 2021, the IP rights and remaining stock/molds/masters were sold to me. We are in the process of having new molds made where needed from the original masters, and having stock from these and the original molds cast for a re-release. We are currently about half way through the 25mm line and 90% through the 15mm line. Besides that, we have many original old stock items available. We hope to have them listed on the webstore soon but in the meantime, you can contact us here for availability information and/or join our Facebook group RRBMinis to stay up-to-date.

The Star Armor line of sci-fi miniatures are suitable for a wide variety of games. Whether you play games like Ogre by Steve Jackson, Trilaterum by Timothy & Stacy Colonna, Space Marines by A. Mark Ratner, or (the granddaddy of all sci-fi miniature games) Starguard by John McEwan; you will find some suitable minis here. Available now in 25mm here or 15mm here! Check out the example photos below.

Above are some Ssss and Klackon (along with some Terrans for scale). Below are some Whistlers, Rauwoofs, and vehicles.

This page will be update with photos and release information as it comes available.

Merc League troops take out a Hover Tank after it gets up-close and personal
Example Spin Cast Mold — This one is for parts of the Franz Fusion Cannon