Warlord Normans & Vikings

These are 25mm dark ages figures that were sculpted by Stan Johansen. The exact year is unknown but Stan thinks it was the late ’70s. They are true 25s: A 6′ individual is represented by a mini that is 25mm from foot to top of the head. That makes them 1/72 scale; however, metal figures tend to have a much stocky build than plastic minis so keep that in mind if you intend to mix them. These are a perfect size to mount on 3/4″ diameter washers and use for games with 1″ squares or hexes.

These figures were no longer available from Stan and in 2021, the rights were sold to me. There were unfortunately no remaining molds or masters for these. I worked with the folks at Old Glory Miniatures to have new molds made from the best surviving originals for a re-release. After around 40 years of being oop, these are now available on our online shop here! I also have many old stock items available for collectors. You can contact us here for availability information.

Below are some of the figures in this line.

We’ll be playing Ravenfeast with our Warlord Norman & Viking minis and recommend that you check out the free rules and join in the fun. You can find links to the rules, tutorial videos, etc. at our fan page here as well as our own scenarios for the game.

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