This is a listing of some of our favorite things… games, supplies, tools, etc. Links will take you to external vendor sites.


The granddaddy of all science fiction miniatures games, first published in 1974 by McEwan Miniatures.
McEwan Starguard Rules

1/72 Scale Paper Sci-Fi Buildings
A nice selection… enough to make a complete space town by McEwan Miniatures.
McEwan Sci-Fi Buildings

1/72 Metal Sci-Fi Minis
An extensive selection of troops, robots, vehicles, and equipment by McEwan Miniatures.
McEwan Sci-Fi Minis

1/72 Metal Fantasy Minis
A good selections of heroes and baddies and some very interesting critters. All are cast open handed so you can add sci-fi or medieval weapons to suit our needs.
McEwan Fantasy Minis

Easy Fantasy & Sci-fi RPGs
Dark City Games offers simple light RPG rules and lots of premade interesting scenarios of the ‘choose your own adventure’ sort which can all be played solo or with a small group. Each comes with a map and cardboard counters but we like using minis (of course). And they have a free samples to download to try out.
DCG Webpage

Reference Materials

Lost Minis Wiki
A volunteer curated collection of photos & descriptions to help mini collectors ID their figures.

Lost Minis Wiki
A volunteer curated collection of photos & descriptions to help mini collectors ID their figures.
McEwan Miniature Index

Little Wars TV
Primarily devoted to historical miniature gaming. Tons of tabletop crafting tutorials, rules reviews, and more. Specifically check out the free Ravenfeast rules!
YouTube Channel, Webpage

Wyloch’s Armory
Great tabletop crafting turtorials. A lot of sci-fi content. Like most modern gamers, the figure he uses are a lot larger than the old school ones we like. Simply reduce the size of the projects by 75% or so.
YouTube Channel

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Gaming, Painting & Terrain Crafting Supplies

Felt by the Yard
(for Ground Cloth)
Numerous colors to choose from.
eBay Affiliate Link

Tape Measure
Stanley 6′ FATMAX. Wider blade for easy measuring.
eBay Affiliate Link

Dice Set
Set of 8 D12 12-Sided 18mm Opaque RPG Dice.
eBay Affiliate Link

Static Grass Tufts
Self Adhesive Static Grass Tufts -Mixed Wildflowers-4mm
eBay Affiliate Link

Model Trees
Miniature Model Trees
(11 Sizes, 55 Pieces)
eBay Affiliate Link

Plastic Décor Fish Tank Plants
20 Pack Aquarium Plants (makes great alien planet trees)
eBay Affiliate Link

Grafix Medium Chipboard
Great for terrain Building
(various sizes and pack sizes)
eBay Affiliate Link

LED Flickering Tea Lights
Make campfires/fire-markers
(various sizes and pack sizes)
eBay Affiliate Link

Polyester Filling
Great for smoke/fire markers
(various sizes and pack sizes)
eBay Affiliate Link

Flat Black Spray Paint
Used in all kinds of projects
(Rust Oleum 2X Ultra Cover – Lot of colors, primer or primer+paint)
eBay Affiliate Link

Crafting Scissors
Straight blade gardening scissors actually. Great for crafting!
(various sizes and pack sizes)
eBay Affiliate Link

Mini Hot Glue Gun
A must have for fast assembly and cool effects
(various styles)
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