Song of Drums and Tomahawks

Fast Play Skirmish French and Indian War Rules — A Fan Page

SOD&T is a super fun game. The time period is very appropriate for us here at RRB Minis & More since we are located so close to where much of the action took place. We plan on touring some sites this year and will post about it once we do.

The rules are by Mike Demana of First Command Wargames (the FB group is here and the webpage here). According to their blurb, they intend to create games and rules systems that are simple enough for First Commanders, but subtle enough to thrill experienced generals. They have certainly succeeded with this one for sure and we are anxious to try out their others.

We taught ourselves how to play easily SOD&T enough. The one minor question that we were unsure about was answered promptly by Mike. That question was during a moral check, we had a prone or knocked down figure roll a “flee one move” result. We were unsure if that figure move at the crawl speed remaining down, or would it stand and move full (remaining standing at the end), or something else like that? Mike said that typically, they give them a free stand up and move as one action if they have failed morale. That may or may not be in the rules but if it was, we didn’t recall seeing it. That did just happen to be the way we played the situation when it came up for us. And that is part of the beauty of this rules set… they just sort of make sense. And that lends itself well to adapting them for various scenarios that you may wish to make up.

And speaking of scenarios, First Command Wargames already has you covered there too. Beaver Wars and Pequot War are both currently available and provide a lot of gaming options. Just like the rules, the books are all well researched and provide all the information you need for great gaming experiences. But for those wanting to dive in deeper, bibliographies are provided. There is great support for this game already, and we heard that there are additional materials in the works also. We’ll update this page as they come available.

We were super anxious to start playing so please excuse the partially painted minis. In the game, you do need to track who fired so they do not fire again w/o reloading. We chose to use cotton balls. A play progressed, we decided to use much smaller bits than are see in these photos. The smaller bits are easy to stick onto the end of weapons and therefore travel around easily if the figure moves. It is also better if figures start to bunch up… say they are all trying to force their way through the door of your blockhouse.

More photos and AARs for the FIW will be posted in the future, but not likely until we get better paint jobs on the figures and spruce up our terrain a bit.

First Command Wargames has several other sets of rules; three of which were reviewed by Wargames Illustrated magazine. Check that review out here. Another one, Mean Streets, we are just getting started with and will add a page for it in the coming months.

We were so impressed by SOD&T and the scenario books overall that I approached Mike about carrying all their rule books. He agreed, so now you can find them in our online shop here or with us in person at conventions.

Our line of FIW figures is coming out this year. They will be added to our Horse & Musket category here. We will update this page once they are available.

A great resource for painting FIW figures is from Vallejo’s book book series Painting War: Vol. (or as they call it “Season”) 2, #11 French and Indian War. This and some other similar editions will be added to our shop shortly.