We have some fun items planned for WWI gaming. First off is a selection of 1/72 scale Infantry, vehicles and equipment from Reviresco along with some plastic model airplane kits. The beginning of these are already listed in the webstore here. More will be coming as stock is gathered. Slideshow examples below.

These will be supplemented by our own German A7V Tank that is in the works. Seen below as a prototype model. We hope to have this ready for sale along with some German, French, and U.S. infantry and a few cavalry poses by the end of the year. Stats for all these units and vehicles will be included in our Beer & Pretzels Early-Mid 20thC Rules (or BaPEM20 for short).

The other area of WWI that we are covering is aerial combat. This can be accomplished in 1/72 scale models as mentioned above, but for larger engagements will will be carrying the 1/144 scale planes from Reviresco. There are several great rules sets out there for this sort of thing. We are playing Aerodrome 1.1 here. Photos of game play will be added later but for now, you can check out their webpage here for more information.