McEwan Miniatures

These are 25mm sci-fi and fantasy figures that were sculpted by John McEwan in the ’70s. They are true 25s: A 6′ individual is represented by a mini that is 25mm from foot to top of the head. That makes them 1/72 scale (or 1:72 scale); however, metal figures tend to have a much stocky build than plastic minis so keep that in mind if you intend to mix them. These are a perfect size to mount on 3/4″ diameter washers and use for games with 1″ squares or hexes. Many of these are still available at John’s web site under his current company name of Reviresco found here. Also, I have a wholesale account with John and I have many old items available that are not currently listed on his site. My webstore is now up and McEwan Miniature Fantasy items can be found here and Starguard Sci-fi item here. You can also contact us for availability information of other old stock items and/or join our Facebook group RRBMinis to stay up-to-date to new additions.

Above are some painted examples and below unpainted selection of the items that I have listed or that are coming soon…

Do you have any old out of production McEwan Miniature pieces to sell/trade? We’d love to hear from you.