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Portion of ad for STAINLESS STEEL RAT
See 2000ac.com for more info

I was asked recently what the “& More” referred to. It is a simple catch all for what would otherwise be a long list. Of course there are the directly related items to minis such as painting, terrain building, game rules, and 3d printing. It actually was intended for items even more loosely related such as movies, books, and comics that will be brought up occasionally but are not our main focus.

If you like old school sci-fi books, you may already know about The Stainless Steel Rat by Harry Harrison. The character “The Rat” was first introduced in 1957 in Astounding magazine then was in several novels. The books are pretty easy reads. They do not feel like they take themselves very seriously and are not overly long. Because of their age, you can easily find them as free audiobooks.

What brings this up today was that I just saw an ad for the graphic novel (GN) ‘Stainless Steel Rat’ Deluxe Edition by Gosnell & Ezquerra. I loved the retro pulp style art. I picked up the digital version at 2000ad.com for under 10USD. I gave it a quick scan… Its 200+ pages are mostly b/w with some color pages mixed in. Loads of super cool vehicles (rockets, tanks, hover cars) to get crafting inspiration from. I’ll pick one and make some adaptation for the tabletop and post about it down the road. There is a good overview of the GN with a few sample pages here plus a link to the 2000 AD shop listing for it. Now I just need to break away for a while to give it a read. FYI, in the U.S. we would call this a trade paper back (TPB) rather than a GN. It contains the stories originally published serially in the comic book 2000 AD #140-151 (The Stainless Steel Rat), 166-177 (The Stainless Steel Rat Saves The World), and #393-404 (The Stainless Steel Rat For President).

So whether you prefer books, audiobooks, or comic books, check out some Harrison Stainless Steel Rat stories today.

And while speaking of Harrison’s books, if you like more farcical comedy in your sci-fi, check out his ‘Bill, The Galactic Hero’ books. Bill is an accidental hero with two right arms who has adventures in a bizarre universe. All are super fun reads.

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