Busy First Quarter

It is hard to believe that we are into May already. I just want to post a update on our goals for the year since we are well into the second quarter now.

The original Fictioneer poses that are still available to us are all now in production. Here is a list of those that are still missing and good examples are still being sought:
JF018 – Death Raider with Rifle
JF041 – Sitan Hero Attacking with 2 Hd Sword
JF042 – Sitan Hero with 2 Hd Sword at Rest
JF043 – Slave Girl
Limited Release, Bounty Hunter
A finders fee will be given to anyone that can supply any of these.

For the 25mm Star Armor, all are available and the line has been fortified. The Boomers are not in new molds yet so the stock is limited to what is on hand. We do plan on having a mold made for them by the end of the year. This line is where we previously placed David Wood’s (The little Soldier Company) Baralizar. Now we have added the Ahketon Galactic Wars figures there that we are producing: Reptiloid, Wormric, Terran, Wozel troops, robots, and/or equipment. Unfortunately, not all the pieces in this line are available any longer so we are seeking good examples of many of them. Mostly, anything not picture on this wiki page here is still needed. The below slideshow shows some of the new items.

Regarding the Space Marines figures, the Mercantile League are now in production (photos below) which leaves just the Ranan Horde to be re-released. New photos for the GPR and Azzies and some others have been uploaded. The shop page for the SM is looking pretty good now (here). Work on the two factions that Stan did not complete back in the 70s is well underway. The initial Bug prototypes are done and they will be molded soon. The Mertuns are planned out and a few initial pieces are done. Their walkers are going to be a bit of a project. The goal is to have all the pieces for them ready to put into a mold along with the Ranan in a few months.

Base on everyone’s input, we have these following Ahketon molds in the queue to be cast in this order: French and Indian War, Vietnam, WWI, Spanish Civil War. It’ll be a few months before they are all running and added to inventory but here are some of the FIW figure samples that we just received from the caster.

We still have these molds that need to be made for our current Stan Johansen masters: 6mm SA armies, pirates, WWII infantry, and the 25mm SA Boomer figures. And then, there are new items that still need to be sculpted before they can be molded such as seated/mounted poses for Fictioneers and SA. This will allow for easy swaps for vehicle driver, gunners, and mounted troops. A healthy list to get through by the end of the year but it is our goal. This plus providing support Victorian Science Fiction and Modern Skirmish gaming with lines of figures. Our favorite rules set for these are from First Command Wargames: For Queen and Planet, and Wars of Insurgency. We like all their rules so well, we just had to carry them in our shop. These and other rules sets plus many great game-aids can be found under our Books category here.

We’ve been busy and have plans to keep at it. Hopefully, you can forgive us for running a bit behind on releasing the SA supplement for our Fictioneers: Legacy rules, and for completing Scenario 11 which is needed for F:L Boxed Set #1. These items are progressing and we think that you will feel the wait was worth it when you see them. We are also developing a sci-fi rpg supplement for F:L and a simple fantasy adventure game to highlight our fantasy figure line. Both of these will include cooperative and solo play options. Keep following along to watch as things continue to progress.

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