McEwan Miniatures Update

Exciting news today! I was on the phone last night with John McEwan going over some details regarding being able to bring some great old school minis back to the table top. I have updated the website by adding a McEwan Miniature page which I have been meaning to do for a while. If you go to that page and check out the photo at the bottom of the unpainted minis, you will be among the first to know what particular minis will be coming soon. Watch this blog for future announcements. The items in the photo are only the first new mold which is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi figures. These are made from the original sculpts where available, or from the best available surviving donor. They are professionally molded and cast by John himself. The photos from the second mold should be available next week. That one will contain a good number of the medieval range which works great for fantasy gaming as well.

Speaking of fantasy gaming, these classic old school McEwan Minis work great for modern tabletop RPGs. Commonly the table scale is 1″=5′ and these minis are at 1″=6′. If this initially sounds like they don’t match, that is because what is omitted from the minis’ 1″ height is the base. The minis on the base actually stand over 1″ tall from the floor so they fit in with the map ground scale very well. Much better than common gigantic 32mm or 35mm minis do. The photos below show McEwan Minis on various surfaces (a 1″ square grid, 1″ hexes, and of course free form movement wargame table). They are useful in all sorts of games.

Note that the image with the log bridge does contain some minis from other manufacturers but the rest are all McEwan Miniatures. Also, the minis in top featured image and the last image with the heroes on the hex grid board were all painted by Rob Wheeler. Unfortunately, my lighting and camera work do not do his painting justice. Below are better photos of them the Rob took before returning the minis to me.

I you are interested in getting some McEwan Minis other than what John lists on his website, check our our shop here, and also feel free to send me a message using the contact form if you are looking for something not listed. I’ll do what I can to help you out.

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