What Would You Include in an Interstellar Zoo

It may be hard for some to believe but life existed before the internet and even before hi-rez glossy photographs were in miniatures catalogs. In the 70s, most catalogs were just typed text on sheets of paper with product number, simple name, and price. Very little to go on when making your selections. If youContinue reading “What Would You Include in an Interstellar Zoo”

Adding Some Color

My tabletop for sci-fi worlds has been woefully lacking in color so I am finally doing something about it. In the past, it has always been a natural sand/tan barren world. That is beginning to change. These are a few of our (nearly) finished pieces from the weekend. The first photo has some 3d printedContinue reading “Adding Some Color”

McEwan Miniatures & The Fantasy Trip

Since I mentioned McEwan Miniatures (MM) yesterday regarding their Starguard! game and minis, I though I’d share a sampling of their Fantasy figures. These here were painted by Rob Wheeler at Pennyfew Painting. The photos are just average because they were taken by me. The figure and paint job actually looks a lot better andContinue reading “McEwan Miniatures & The Fantasy Trip”

My Introduction to Minis

More background about me: The very first game minis that I ever owned were McEwan Miniatures for the game Starguard! (SG). SG was first published in ’74. I’m not aware of any sci-fi miniatures games that are older. It almost certainly is the longest running one being that is it still being published today. TheContinue reading “My Introduction to Minis”