Tank Playtest AAR

As mentioned in the previous blog post, vehicles are being expanded in the Fictioneers rules so we recently had a playtest session with some tanks. We started with 1 tank vs 10 infantry. The tank won easily but it wasn’t so one sided that we felt we could not make some tweaks. Ideally we would like a tank to be about equal to 20 infantry so a 50 person infantry company could have a chance to face down a couple tanks with 10 support infantry troops (or one tank with 30 infantry troops).

Next we tried two tanks vs two tanks. It worked well with a bit of jockeying for prime positions happing at the beginning of the game but then it settled into a slugging match. With a stiff penalty for moving and firing in one turn, there is not an incentive to move once you are in a prime firing position. Once you see that you are hurting, a good tactic is to retreat to a location out of the line of sight… force the opponent to move to you. If you are really lucky, it will be a location that will take the opponent two moves to get you back into their line of site so you will have had time to go into Overwatch mode. This will allow you to fire on them as they move into range (on their movement turn). They will fire back unless they moved more the half their allowance but it will be at a penalty to hit you. Then, assuming you survived, you will be able to fire again without a movement penalty. That is about the best you can hope for, but since we were just testing out the rules, we stayed in place and slugged it out until the end. The photos below so the positions settled into when the firing began, the accumulations of damaging hits on the tanks (indicated by the black rubber O-rings placed on the barrels), and the destruction of the first tank (indicated by the fire marker from this pervious blog post).

Having both tanks left for the one side vs only one for the other side may like seem good odds however, the two were badly damaged while the other one was not. Some more fire exchanges, some maneuvering, and then finally ending with a ramming speed order and the game was over.

The summary: We had fun and learned a lot. Came up with some more cool ideas. The battle took about an hour but that includes some talking things through and pausing to take photos. The rules are progressing well. We are trying to have them completed by the time we have the miniature ready to sell. We are thinking of a two army starter set that would include a printed copy of rules and some dice; and/or a free PDF copy of the rules with any squad pack purchase.

Next up: a 50 infantry company vs a tank with 10 infantry support. Will it be balanced and if not, what adjustments need to be made?

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