Playtest AAR: 50 Inf vs Tank

So as mentioned last time, we got together and play tested a 50 infantry company vs a tank with 10 infantry support to see if it would be fair (meaning balanced). For those that want the short answer first, no it is not. But which way is if favoring?

The game was fun to play but it was pretty obvious early on (as the first photo suggests) that the two and a half score infantry are just too much to handle. We did play the game to the end anyway just to see what we could learn. We felt in the end that one more tank or 20 more infantry would have balanced it well. While talking at length after the game, we thoroughly discussed the merits of beefing up the tanks vs leaving them be as they are. As it stands now, we are keeping them as they are. Tanks will have an exchange rate of 1 tank to 20 infantry troops. This means that for the time being, playtests will occur with standard humanoid platoons having 50 infantry, or 30 infantry & 1 tank, or 10 infantry & 2 tanks. It isn’t meant to be an exact science but an approximate equivalency.

Regarding the specific ‘action’ part of this post, first an introduction of the sides/troops. The all infantry side (the white-purple troops below) are the Mercantile League (ML) from Space Marines & Star Armor. For the purposes of this playtest session, the ML did not have Jet Packs. The tank-infantry side (a mixture of yellow and blue troops) are the Death Raiders and Planetary Legion from Fictioneers, plus (the obvious) a Hover Tank from Star Armor that we’ll call the Tanker Confederation (TC) for this report.

The ML deployed first choosing a fairly wide spread along the south edge of the battlefield. The TC (having fewer pieces) concentrated on the north-west edge. The below battlefield photo is rotated; north is to the left. The ML moved first being that they deployed first; the jet bikes of the recon squad raced across the battlefield to setup Overwatch positions (to allow for opportunity fire in future turns) and to call in artillery fire. The TC pushed for the woods to gain some cover. on following turns the ML slogged across the battlefield to arrive at the woods. Only a few losses were accrued. The fighting in and around the woods was fierce with many losses on both sides. The 10 TC did manage to tie up 30 ML for quite a while (and eliminating a fair number of them too) which allowed their tank to take out 14 of the remaining 20 infantry troops. In the end the ML prevailed. We would like to fight ‘day 2’ with a second TC tank showing up to fight the ML remnants.

Up next: New Fictioneer mold test spin — Samples to review!!!

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