New Stock Arrived

I just received two shipments of new stock. One was the first order from our new distributor and the other was the next order of castings from IWM. These items will be added to the web store over the next couple weeks but here is a quick first glance. If anything catches your eye and you can’t wait for it to be listed, feel free to inquire via our contact form here. We can easily arrange transactions through email and pay via PayPal invoice or by card over the phone if you prefer.

We got setup with a hobby shop distributor for two reasons. First is so when we setup merchant booths at shows, there’ll have a wider range of items of interest. Second is that there are some holes in our available metal models and we wanted to at least offer plastic kits to fill them. Here is a sample of things that we picked up plastic kits for.

And we wanted to carry paints, brushes, terrain building kits, dice, measuring tapes, casualty markers, etc. Everything to get your minis ready for the tabletop and get you through a game successfully.

Sorry, a third thing too… we wanted to carry Osprey Publishing reference books. One thing that I’ve ways hated over the years was buying some minis and trying to figure out how to paint them or who they fought. Or buying a rules set and not knowing what minis to buy to go with it. Our goal as you know is to get these old school minis that we love to collect so much, and get them out of their storage boxes and back into action on the tabletop where they belong. To make that happen, we need to have more then just a supply of them available… there needs to be resources available too. We plan to offer opposing factions, rules/scenarios, reference books, and painting guides for every mini line we sell. It might take a while but we are chipping away at it.

The other shipment was some Star Armor restock of the Klackon minis since they sold so well in our opening weeks. Also the Franz Fusion Cannon with Merc League crew arrived. This piece will add some deadly oomph to any Starguard, Space Marines, Fictioneer: Legacy, or any other sci-fi rules battle that you have planned. Lastly, the shipment contained a lot of the new WWII items we’ve been waiting for. Below are three different versions of Russian T-26 tanks & cavalry, Italian 75mm cannon, British 2 pounder, Italian paratroopers & cavalry, German sIG33, and an Italian P40 tank (painted for being in German service). The German infantry and gun crew are not available yet. They and the Italian & Russian infantry need new molds made. I’m hoping to have them by the end of the summer.

Currently in the works are some more fantasy & sci-fi McEwan Miniatures and the next round of new molds for more Stan Johansen Space Marines minis (Whistlers/Rauwoof/Mekpur). Besides that I’m reviewing some British & US infantry minis in hopes of add them to the WWII lineup. Plus sculpting some new pieces and doing some more restoration work on old ones. And of course writing rules/scenarios in my spare time. Also, I making my convention schedule so if you know of any around me (Ohio) that are worth attending, let me know.

What of this stuff are you anxious for? What would you like to see be brought back into production next? We picked the Whistler and Rauwoof troops based on your feedback so we do actually listen.

Starguard rules available here.
Space Marines rules available here.
Fictioneers: Legacy rules available soon.

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