Shop Updated… And new items are still arriving daily!

If you haven’t been to the shop lately, check it out here. New categories/items have been added for Osprey Publishing Books, Terrain Building Supplies, Dice & Gaming Supplies, and Used Items. I have over 150 items listed. I know that is not a lot by shop standards but I have around 10x that still to list. I an chipping away at it a little at a time.

Some exciting new items recently added which are mostly from my previous post: A selection of WWII vehicles and books… and the start of the Woodland Scenics supplies. Also the start of the Dice & Gaming Supplies.

I do need to take a break from adding more of those items in order to focus on this… Other items that just arrived and will be the listed soon: GM and Player aids for Role Playing Games by a company called Roll & Play. I have their fantasy line currently. They have a sci-fi line of game aids in development which is expected in 2023. Fictioneer stock just showed up two days ago and then yesterday, Star Armor stock showed up. Since these are new items, it’ll take a bit to get all the photos taken/cropped/resized and the listings added. I’m very excited to see these coming back into production after being missing for so many years. There will also be more old school fantasy and sci-fi figures coming, paints & supplies, and plastic model kits. Not to mention a mountain of used games and miniatures. So much to do. I better get back to it.

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