Progress and Plans, or Rather the State of Things in General

It has been a very busy summer and fall here for us. My last post talked about moving molds and how that shipping time created supply issues. That has all been resolved, and several more new molds have been made and put into production. We’ve been having great success working with the folks at Old Glory on this part of the restoration project. I can’t say enough how pleased we are with the service.

Most all of the original Fictioneer poses are now in production. Only a few Sitan Humanoids are still missing and good examples are still being sought. For the 25mm Star Armor or Space Marines line (SA), the Azuriach Imperium (Azzies), Blarads, Galactic People Republic (GPR), Hiss, and Irsol Confederacy troops got added to all the previous selections. And all the original vehicles, accessories, and heavy weapons systems are available now too. That leave only the Mercantile League and the Ranan Horde to be re-released. We are a little behind in photo taking so the Azzies, GPR, and a few other items only have a temporary cover image. They are in stock and ready to ship though. Proper photos should be added shortly.

(Below, an Air Drone faces off with a Flame Lance armed Legionnaire… It is almost certain death for the lone trooper from the Planetary Legion.)

We also expanded our offerings of McEwan Miniatures (or Reviresco), Vallejo paints, and Chessex dice/supplies over the past 6 months. We also added a link to the top of the page menu in the shop for folks that want to buy a gift card. With the holidays coming up, point folks there that are having a difficult time with gift ideas for you. If you haven’t checked out the shop lately, it is a good time to do it.

With the end of the year fast approaching, it it time for us to start planning what will be new next year…

Most immediate (and maybe even before the end of the year), I just took possession of the rest of the Ahketon WWII vehicle molds from Acheson Creations. These will be shipped to Old Glory this week, and we will get the items listed as soon as the stock arrives. To support these vehicles, and the current vehicles/cav./art., we will have new models made for our infantry figure masters from Stan Johansen. And to help us plug holes in our infantry offerings, we have a wholesale arrangement with Elhiem Miniatures in the UK. Their excellent miniatures look great with our stuff.

(Looks like we need to get busy painting up samples… these guys are pretty sad.)

After those are in production, there are several options as to what goes next. We would be glad to hear from you about what you are most excited to see. We will have molds showing up here soon for 25mm French and Indian War, 25mm WWI, 25mm Spanish Civil War, 20mm Vietnam, 25mm Sci-Fi (Wormrics & Reptiloids). So many choices!

(I do have these nicely painted but poorly photographed Wormrics to show. These are two rare poses, not even listed on the Lost Minis Wiki yet. I’ll add them to the wiki as soon as I get better photos and confirm the descriptions.)

In addition to getting all the molds mentioned above tuned-up and running, we still have many more molds that need to be made for our current masters. Amazing items such as 6mm SA armies, pirates, WWII infantry, and the remaining 25mm SA figures. And then, there are all the items that still need sculpted before they can be molded. Items such as the 25mm SA Bugs, and seated/mounted poses for Fictioneers and SA.

(Speaking of 6mm Sci-Fi… I just picked up some bargain terrain pieces at a convention last weekend plus one new piece; the walled fort. It is a crazy mix of 3d printed, recycled board game parts, plus metal/resin/plastic pieces. Once we add some scratch built items and paint it all up, it will look great. Or at least passable.)

And lastly, we plan to complete all of our current rules & scenarios that are in process, put out some simple painting guides, and increase our 3d printed terrain offerings. All of those items go directly to support (or maybe supplement is a better word) our lines of minis. We will also continue to attend conventions to demo and sell and make new contacts.

That is a very big list of items to accomplish for the year but I don’t think it is out of reach or overly ambitious so here are a couple of stretch goals. The first is offering some boxed sets. I’m seeing a need for starter sets to help shoppers inexperienced with a particular game/genre to know what sorts of things to pick out. The second is producing some instructional videos. Going to cons and demoing games is great but there is no way that method can reach nearly as many people as videos can.

Well that is a summary of where we are and where we are going. Items will be covered in greater deal one at a time as they close to release. Let us know what you think.

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