Shop Updates

Just a super quick and simple message to update everyone on the current status. Please refer back to the previous post for all the photos and details of the shop updates that have just happened or that are in the process of happening. Shortcut to it here.

Old Glory contacted me to say that the recent order was complete, including the latest Fictioneer molds that I had just sent them. We planned a road trip to pick up the order, tour the facility, and meet the folks face-to-face. It was a wonderful time, they were super friendly, and I’ll share more about it along with photos in a later post.

The order contained over 60 lbs of figures. That is over 1,500 new minis for you to enjoy. We’ve been pretty busy here checking them in, sorting, bagging, and labeling. We focused first on restocking already listed items and were able to clear most all out of stock and low stock items in the Fictioneer and Star Armor lines. Next we focused on adding all the Sci-Fi vehicles since they were the most requested. That is where it stands at the moment. If you haven’t looked around in the shop lately, take some time to check it out. There are some new Osprey Publishing books that are just chalked full of information and inspiration. And additional many super fun items from Reviresco including Nektons and Dreenoi packs.

The next portion of this mountain of new minis to be worked on will be the Blarads, Hiss, Irsol Confederacy, and Terran Union. Then after that, we will go back and add the missing squads to the Fictioneers that are missing them. Mortar, Artillery, Heavy weapon squads and the like. That should happen by this Friday. Beyond that, we will be listing packs aimed at modifying Matchbox type cars for post apocalyptical fun games such as Car Wars, Road Rage, Gaslands, Road Wolf, etc.

And just to leave you with some other things to look forward to: The Fictioneers: Legacy rules are done at the printer and are on their way here! It is a limited run of 25 physical copies to see how we like them. We’ll be able to hand them out as convention game prizes or possibly include them in boxed sets of the Fictioneer minis. Playtesting continues for the associated scenarios. We will start releasing them on our Facebook group for free as they are completed do head over their and follow alone if you are not already. And lastly, playtesting on our super simple WWI & WWII rules is progressing as well. I also just got the WWI German A7V tank model. It is pretty rough honestly. I was lead to believe what was in the mold was a ready to sell model but it is more of just a proto-type model. You can build the tank from it but it takes some additional skill & patience… and their are wide joints to fill after assembly. I’m still up in the air as to what to do with it. I’ll likely do a complete blog post showing how to put it together and let folks decide for themselves.

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