What’s Coming Next?

My last post was about new items in the shop so I figured this one should be about what is coming. There is so much in the works, I’ll just give a little teaser about each item. Feel free to ask for more details if you want them.

New Molds: The first 4 Fictioneer molds are on their way to Old Glory for casting fulfillment. Moving them cross-country has caused a bit of a out of stock situation. Once they get spinning in their new home, that should be greatly reduced. Thank you for your patience. Believe me, no one is more anxious to correct this issue than me. These 4 molds contain Xyban, Death Raider, Sitan Apes & some Giants, Eeeks, and a few of the Planetary Legion. The last 4 or so molds will be following shortly (I hope). I still have not seen Sitan Humanoids, any of the mounts, or the 5th Sitan Giant Pose (the mounted armored giant that I believe was never released) yet. I’m still trying to get an update on the delivery from Zombiesmith for them. I’ll post an update when I have them.

I spoke to Terry at Old Glory today to get an update. The next 4 molds are completed, tested, and ready to spin. They contain Star Armor (old Space Marines) Terran Union, Irsol Confederacy, Hiss, and Blarads. In addition, the 6 old molds that I sent them (4 from Stan Johansen Miniatures for sci-fi vehicles and 2 from Ahketon or Acheson Creations for the WWI German A7V tank) have been tweaked and are also ready to spin. They are working up the cost per spin for me today and should be running soon. In addition, they are running a reorder of the Whistlers, Rauwoof, Mekpurr so those can be stocked back up as well. A sampling of these items shown below.

I placed a wholesale reorder with John McEwan at Reviresco from some fun items including some 1/144 scale WWI planes and a selection of Starguard (SG) Dreenoi and Nektons. The planes will be a new category listing and the Dreenoi/Nektons will be joining the Starguard, Terrellians, and various critters already listed. Check out the rules, other SG factions, and John’s entire selection here.

I also have made arrangement with two other companies (both are in the UK) that I’m happy to announce have product on its way to us. If you are not in the US, you should contact them directly to order. If you are in the US, you will be able to get items from my stockpile a bit quicker by ordering from me. In either case, you will have the access to the entire product listing directly from them only. I will carry a limited selection of items I think we as a group here will be interested in. I’ll include links to their sites below.

The first is Matt Hingley’s Elhiem Figures. They have lines of sci-fi, historical, horror, fantasy in 1/72 scale or 20mm that fit very nicely with our current offerings. At least all the test pieces that they have already sent me do. If anything I receive in the future is larger/smaller than expected, I will include notes in the product description just as I did for Stan’s 15mm Terran packs with their varying heights. The starter order that I placed was for WWII figures to fill holes in our current line: US and British mostly along with some Nazi Zombies and Werewolves. Yes, you read that right. Now, next time you are running a game and a player get snotty with you (“this is a Normandy scenario and those figures have Battle of the Bulge gear”), you can simply say “Well, these zombies and werewolves charge your unit’s flank”. Check out Matt’s full selection here. If you see any of their items that you think our group would be interested in, use this contact form to let me know.

The second is David Wood’s The Little Soldier Company. They have lines for Noggin the Nog (base on the stories & animations of Peter Firmin & Oliver Postgate), The Tenoch, Politicos, Alice in GerĂ¼nderland, and Bar Room Brawl. These are all 28mm but the Alice line has rabbit folk called The Baralizar. David graciously agreed to allow me to sell them for use with our Fictioneers & Star Armor game. Those pesky Mekpurr will never expect this kind for fight from fuzzy bunny troops, muwhaha. I haven’t had one in my hands yet but I believe they will be somewhere in height between the Whistlers and Sitan Apes. We’ll set their game strength accordingly once we verify that. Anyone care to do a little creative writing to make up there backstory and homeworld description? If so, just use this contact form. Check out David’s full selection here.

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